Remarketing Services for Retargeting Potential Customers

Target users who’ve already interacted with your brand help your business succeed with strong remarketing strategies.

Remarketing campaigns for display ads could just be the puzzle piece you need to increase conversions.

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What Are Remarketing Ads?

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Google remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows you to target your marketing to users who have already interacted with your website. Whether your website visitors clicked a link or started their steps towards a purchase, our remarketing ads will let your users know that you’re still around with products and services that will benefit them.

These Google ads appear as users browse the web in formats such as banners on other websites, or in the form of email marketing for customers who have already given you their contact details.

Typically, Google remarketing services consist of code that places cookies on the browsers of those visiting your website, then uses the cookies to target adverts at those visitors. When done right, remarketing ads can be an incredibly effective form of PPC marketing.

There are four basic steps to the remarketing campaign process:

1) Visitor Visits Your Website

Whether your SEO investment has paid off, or your short term PPC strategy has snatched the attention of potential customers, they’ve shown interest and landed on your site.

2) Visitor Leaves Your Website

Not every customer that reaches your site will convert. Some will go further than others, maybe even adding an item to their basket before changing their mind. This is when you need Google remarketing services.

3) Visitor Sees Your Advert

This visitor, after interacting with your site, will start to see adverts for your products or services when they’re browsing the internet, slowly persuading them that they do need you after all.

4) Visitor Returns

Your display remarketing solutions have paid off when a visitor comes back to your site and completes the conversion that they abandoned before.
By investing in a dynamic remarketing strategy, such as one put together by our dedicated team, you’ll help to draw in prospective customers, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue.

A Maratopia Remarketing Campaign Includes:


Our expert Google remarketing specialists will plan ad campaigns that will give you the biggest ROI to help you achieve your business goals.


Our digital design team and creative content writers will craft effective remarketing ads that convince your customers to return.


Our remarketing agency will monitor and analyse the effectiveness of your campaign, tweaking your remarketing efforts when needed. We will then report key metrics that will further inform our data driven strategy.

Choose Maratopia for your Remarketing campaigns

At Maratopia, our teams are experts at crafting the perfect remarketing ads to draw in customers who are the most likely to convert.

We’ll carefully craft you a range of beautiful banners and dazzling displays that will convince your past visitors to take the leap and invest with you. Trust us to run remarketing ads and reach the right audience.

Ready for Remarketing Services?

Why Does My Business Need A Remarketing Strategy?

Discover how remarketing services can help you achieve your business goals and start developing your strategy today.

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Change Minds

Research has shown that almost all users who land on your site for the first time are not actually ready to make a purchase; they’re shopping around, getting cold feet, or unsure if they really need the service and product that you’re selling.

This is where remarketing ads help you the most.

Your target audience will start to see your ads when they browse the internet, slowly chipping away at the resolve not to buy until they realise just how much they need you.

Boost Brand Awareness

When your ads follow users around the internet, they’ll become increasingly aware of your brand.

While they might not have converted the first time they visited your site, display remarketing will ensure that your business comes to mind when they decide they do need the assistance of an industry like yours.

And the greater your brand awareness, the more customers you’ll attract.


Google display remarketing works best when it’s part of a larger digital marketing strategy that involves both SEO and PPC.

It can be extremely effective at encouraging engagement in users who didn’t convert the first time around.

However, to reap the full benefits of remarketing ads, you should have your campaigns managed by experts who know how to analyse the data and make necessary alterations.

At Maratopia our search specialists, design doyens, and content connoisseurs work together to create and implement remarketing campaigns that convert.

Use Remarketing Campaigns to Increase Conversions:

Target customers that have visited your site before

Build brand awareness to boost business

Craft clever ads that create conversions

Want to target those customers that didn’t convert?

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Remarketing Services FAQs

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is when a business is marketed to customers who have previously interacted with a brand.

The purpose of remarketing is to encourage a consumer to take a specific action that they made previously or abandoned before completion.

For example the target audience for your remarketing campaign could be customers who put an item in their online shopping cart, but didn’t complete the purchase.

How will remarketing services benefit my brand?

By making use of remarketing and retargeting platforms, you’ll be able to target customers who are now ready for your products and services.

These customized ads take your potential customer to a landing page that will encourage them to convert.

When you work with our dynamic remarketing agency, we’ll handle the entire process for you; crafting ads for Google display network and other platforms, creating lists, and monitoring your ad campaign goals.

Your dedicated account manager will report results back to you each month, and help you effectively use your ad budget so you reach customers that will convert.

Can remarketing only be done with Google Adwords?

While Google ads are the most popular place for paid advertising, it isn’t the only option for your targeted ads.

Our campaign management team can also direct your remarketing efforts to other remarketing platforms, including email remarketing, Facebook retargeting and other social media platforms, and Bing ads.

Are you looking for dynamic remarketing services for your digital marketing campaign?