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Mobile search engine optimisation is vital for building a successful brand online as Google now prioritises mobile speed and usability over desktop. Our mobile SEO services will give the tools you need to increase your ranking factor.

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PPC Services for Anglia Ruskin University - Distance Learning

Distance Learning Provider

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Halifax Glass
Yorkshire based glaziers

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U2 Tuition
Online Tutoring Services

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Direct Building Products
Professional Building Supplies

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Property Lisbon
Specialist Real Estate Agent

– 03 April 2024

“We have worked with Maratopia for 5 years and have had a new website built, ongoing SEO, content creation and reporting and PPC services. I can say they are by far the best SEO company I have used in 20 years in business and are very easy to speak to and discuss ideas. They always go above & beyond to help explain the technical side of SEO. The reason we chose them is the initial site audit was much better than the other 10 companies we shortlisted. Give them a try and you will be impressed.“

– Andrew Wilson

– 25 March 2024

“We partnered with Maratopia for a range of digital services, including website design and maintenance, SEO and Google Adwords. Over the last 10 years Maratopia have made huge contributions to our business objectives, helping us deliver year on year growth. We’ve worked together on many exciting and complex projects that have all been delivered on time, within budget and to specification. The flexible, knowledgeable, and friendly team where a pleasure to work with.“

– Jonathan Coombs, ARU

Make your site user friendly with optimisation for mobile devices

The internet is experiencing a mobile revolution, with the number of users browsing the web on mobile compared to desktop now significantly higher.

With more users than ever before making mobile searches, having mobile friendly websites are essential. You need to implement a strong mobile first strategy in order to stay competitive.

If you’re looking to appeal to Google’s mobile first indexing, then there are some strategies to keep in mind.

Mobile Users Expectations

Understanding the expectations that mobile device users have when browsing a website is essential for putting together a successful mobile SEO campaign.

Our expert mobile SEO agency can ensure that your site prioritises mobile friendliness. We know that there’s not a one size fits all approach so we can tailor our mobile SEO services to your specific business needs.

Mobile Version Users Vs. Desktop Version Users

Mobile device users and users of a desktop site tend to be different, and you don’t get to choose which platform a user conducts their search from.

However, mobile search is increasing in popularity year on year, so ensuring that your site is user friendly for mobile search is essential for any business.

This means creating an effective mobile SEO strategy that prioritises easy to read, streamline content and fast mobile site speed.

Importance of Relevant Content

Having relevant, authority, and helpful content is vital for ensuring your organic search visibility regardless of whether your users are using the mobile or desktop versions of your site.

However, when optimising your site for a mobile audience, you also need to pay more attention to the structure of your content.

There is a difference between what mobile users expect in terms of online content and how it is displayed and desktop users. You need to ensure that your content will be easy to read on mobile devices.

Why mobile SEO services are essential for your website

If you’ve never optimised for mobile users before, then you may never have considered the importance of having accelerated mobile pages and streamline content, but our experienced mobile SEO company can help you optimise for mobile search. Here are just few tips for prioritising a mobile SEO campaign:

Structure for Smaller Screens

The screens of mobile and other handheld devices such as tablets are far smaller than the screens of desktops, and the easiest way for your users to scroll is up and down.

If you don’t have a dedicated mobile SEO strategy, then your content might have the same structure as your desktop version. This can lead to your users endlessly scrolling to get the information they need, leading to a poor user experience.

We can ensure that your content is structured in a way that is easy for your users to scroll by streamlining your copy and breaking it up into more digestible paragraphs.

Reduce Pop-Ups and Other Site Slowing Add Ons

Site speed is essential for mobile SEO, so you need to keep your pages as simple as possible. Avoid autoplaying videos and animations, as not only can these slow the page speed, but they can be frustrating to users on the go.

While pop-ups can be a useful add-on for desktop versions of a site, they will typically be off-putting to users of a mobile site.

As it can be difficult for users to find the close button, or even scroll around the pop-up itself, you should be careful as to how and if you choose to use them.

Our team can assess your website needs and help you come up with a solution to ensuring that your users get the information that they need.

Make your Call-To-Actions Clear

Making your call to actions clear will make it easier for your customers to convert.

For example, if one of your goals is for your customer to call you, then near the top of each page you should have a button that when clicked gives the option to make a call – a big benefit of a mobile site is that they already have their phone in their hand!

Our team can help you structure your site in a way that makes your call to actions stand out, grabbing the attention of your clients and encouraging them to click.

Since Google launched their mobile first index, optimising for searches conducted on handheld devices is more important than ever before.

Our SEO agency can work with you to ensure that your site ticks all the boxes for both users and Google Search Console.

Enhance Your Site for Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are essential for understanding how users interact with your site, they’re a set of standardised metrics provided by Google that will ensure that your site is fully optimised for mobile. Some factors to consider when it comes to mobile SEO include:

Time to Interact

Time to interact measures the amount of time it takes for your site to become fully functional for users once they navigate your page.

1st Contentful Paint

First contentful paint measures how long it takes for your site to load elements such as images and videos.

Layout Shift

Layout shift identifies any buttons that shift after a page has loaded, and measures the level of difficulty this could pose to users as they navigate your site.

Want to learn more about Core Web Vitals and Mobile SEO?

Learn more about mobile SEO

Mobile Search Optimisation from Maratopia Includes:

Mobile SEO Audit

Our SEO experts will audit your website to establish the steps you need to take to ensure that your site is fully optimised for mobile devices with key components such as site speed and mobile responsiveness.

Mobile Friendly Content Creation

As part of your mobile SEO campaign, our skilled content writers will craft mobile friendly copy that will increase the user experience for mobile viewing.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll compare your mobile website to those of your competitors. From this we can ensure that your mobile SEO strategy competes for achieving those all important mobile rankings.

Design Optimised for Mobile

From accelerated mobile pages to mobile responsive design, our mobile SEO experts will ensure that your website is technically optimised for mobile.

Dedicated Keyword Research

We’ll perform mobile research that will ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords to increase your mobile visitors.

Continued Monitoring and Reporting

To ensure that you continue to rank in the mobile search results, our team will monitor your site speed and keyword rankings. This reporting will then inform your future mobile SEO strategies.

Clients who came to Maratopia for mobile site optimisation

ARULogo - Maratopia
Property Lisbon work with Maratopia for Mobile SEO
Halifax Glass used Maratopia for Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO Services FAQs

Is mobile SEO more important than desktop SEO?

Search engine optimisation is key to getting your website ranking in the search engines, however there is a difference between mobile and desktop SEO.

Because users are increasingly using their mobile phones to browse the web, and since Google launched its mobile first indexing, making sure that you optimise for mobile SEO is essential.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your desktop site, both versions of your site should be up to date with helpful and useful content that incorporates thorough keyword research.

What are the factors I should consider when putting together a mobile SEO campaign?

When working on your mobile SEO strategy, there are a number of important implementations to tick the boxes on.

These include, but are by no means limited to, targeting for local SEO, ensuring that your internal links are up to date, optimising for voice searches, and ensuring that your keywords are targeting mobile specific search terms.

What is Mobile First Indexing?

Google’s mobile first index is now their primary way of crawling and indexing websites in their organic results. This means that not having a mobile version of your site can make it a lot harder to climb the Google search results.

Google has recognised that most users now conduct their searches from handheld devices, regardless of whether they’re at home or on the move, and this is now reflected in their algorithm.