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We’ll design a tailored link-building strategy that will complement your on-page SEO endeavours, help you ascend the search engine rankings.

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Clients who use our link building services

Manchester Airport Group

Manchester Airport Group
Transportation hub

Case study for Property Lisbon who used Maratopia's professional SEO services

Property Lisbon
London based property investments

PPC Services for Anglia Ruskin University - Distance Learning

Anglia Ruskin University
Distance learning provider

Logo for Halifax Glass who used Maratopia's on page SEO services

Halifax Glass
Yorkshire based glaziers

Archers Sleepcentre

Archers Sleep Centre
Bed and mattress stockist

Case study for WBAS who used Maratopia's professional SEO services

We Buy Any Stairlift
Mobility Wholesaler

But why is link building so important?

Quality link building acts like a vote for your website, it increases your kudos with Google and enhances the authority with which your content is viewed by Google, essentially acting as an amplifier to Google , to make your content louder.

So what makes a good backlink?

  • It should be from a relevant site (with relevant Topical Trust Flow)
  • The host site should have good authority, have good traffic and be well integrated itself in Google’s search results
  • You should not have multiple links from the same site just 1 good one will do
  • The anchor text should not be spammy and should occur naturally in the content (not necessarily, as many used to say exact match phrases)
  • Of course the links do need to be followable (not tagged nofollow)
  • One that has longevity
  • The language and domain of the donor site is relevant to the market of the target site

What defines a bad backlink?

  • Low authority (not many or no good sites link to the host site)
  • Bad quality site with excessive advertising
  • Off subject and not relevant
  • Multiple links with the same anchor text targeted at keywords will give the impression of the old style link farms
  • Links that are here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Links injected into post comments and no follow links from social media
  • The language or domain is not relevant to the client’s target market.

Think about it, backlinks are Google’s way of assessing your kudos, so if it’s cheap and nasty and wouldn’t fool you, it won’t fool Google, so beware of low quality links, as they can actually damage your backlink authority.

What our customers say

– March 2024

“We partnered with Maratopia for a range of digital services, including website design and maintenance, SEO and Google Adwords. Over the last 10 years Maratopia have made huge contributions to our business objectives, helping us deliver year on year growth. We’ve worked together on many exciting and complex projects that have all been delivered on time, within budget and to specification. The flexible, knowledgeable, and friendly team were a pleasure to work with.“

– Jonathan Coombs

– March 2024

“I have used Maratopia for several years for SEO for my Yorkshire based Online Door Showroom. I now have over 7,000 ranking search terms with over 1,000 top 10. I have also used Maratopia for special projects and consultancy and to identify keyword opportunities. Maratopia has supplied my online door website with PPC and shopping feed services for a number of years now, others have been cheaper, but never as good Friendly and helpful staff.“

– Oakwood Doors

– April 2023

“We have been working with Maratopia for over a year and we are now seeing the results we have been trying to achieve, ranking at number 2 position on Google for our keyword (and working towards position 1!). Amber, our account manager, has been most helpful in providing updates, going through reports and making suggestions for our website and what can be improved to see our desired results. We are very happy with our results so far.“

– Amy Walker

– April 2024

“We have worked with Maratopia for 5 years and have had a new website built, ongoing SEO, content creation and reporting and PPC services. I can say they are by far the best SEO company i have used in 20 years in business and are very easy to speak to and discuss ideas. They always go above beyond to help explain the technical side of SEO. The reason we chose them is the initial site audit was much better than the other 10 companies we shortlisted. Give them a try and you will be impressed.“

– Andrew Wilson

Why do I need to work with an SEO link building agency?

When other websites link to yours, it boosts the visibility of your content to Google and therefore improves your site’s authority or trust in Google’s eyes.

Working with skilled link building agencies is essential as having high quality links matters – authoritative and relevant links are more beneficial than having a large number low-quality or irrelevant links. And, if all of your links come from the same site, this can lead to penalties from Google.

We’ll evaluate the quality of your links using a metric known as Trust Flow (TF). While other metrics like “Domain Authority” (DA) exist, they have been criticised for their simplicity and susceptibility to manipulation.

image of planning target bloggers for link placement

Why choose Maratopia as your Link Building Agency?

We’re highly experienced, and have been around for 20 years, we’ve link building evolve and develop.

No customers of ours have ever been penalised by Google while following our advice.

Over 20 yeast we’ve developed quite a network of contacts, editors, webmasters and websites, looking for your content, we know where to get you placed.

We’re not reliant on other companies or brokers.

We’re not reliant on just 1 tool to analyse backlinks. We use a raft of different tools to compare findings, remember tools and measurement like DA and TF are just attempting to predict Google’s Link building attitude to a website.

We use our own highly qualified native English speaking content writers for home markets, and trusted partners for International languages.

We will quantify what you need to get to the top.

We report to you transparently, do what we say when we say and never take down links if you ever decide to move away from us.

Our customers like what we do and we get great results for them.

Manchester Airport Group

Manchester Airport Group

Link Building | SEO


increase in UK Search visibility
Case study for Imire who used Maratopia for professional SEO services


Link Building | Content Marketing | PPC | SEO


conversion rate up
Case study for WBAS who used Maratopia's professional SEO services

We Buy Any Stairlift

Link Building | Design & Development | SEO


increase in organic traffic on a 6 month comparison period.
Case study for Property Lisbon who used Maratopia's professional SEO services

Property Lisbon

Design & Development | PPC | SEO


Increase in new users

How does a Maratopia link building campaign work?

Our link building agency will consult with you to craft a strategy for your campaign, determining the monthly output of links and articles, as well as prioritising pages for traffic. Next, our experts source high-quality websites aligned with your audience, negotiating article details and strategically placing links to enhance visibility and trust. Our proficient content team then crafts engaging articles tailored to boost organic traffic and captivate diverse audiences. Finally, our comprehensive SEO link building service ensures all articles are posted on host sites, with convenient monthly reports including links to your content.

Link building strategies are vital for SEO success

Link building constitutes an essential part of your overall SEO strategy. You need to incorporate various disciplines to meet your objectives with efficiency and within your budget.

Therefore, by combining a link building strategy with techniques such as technical SEO and keyword optimisation, can help your brand thrive. To put it simply, a successful link building campaign can provide the additional support needed to drive conversions and help you climb the search engine result pages.

Rest assured, our SEO link building services will ensure that your articles are placed on high authority websites with anchor text linking to your target URLs that uses relevant keywords.

How our custom link building services will help you thrive in the search engines

Identify your target audience and find relevant sites

Write an article with inbound links to your website

Complete link placements to drive search engine traffic

What to expect from Maratopia link building services:


We’ll work with relevant website owners who have established audiences that are interested in products and services similar to yours. This will ensure that your information reaches a receptive consumer primed for engagement.


Create captivating content that is strategically designed to showcase your products and incorporates thoughtfully placed quality links that direct traffic and link juice to your website.


We will ensure that content is distributed to relevant websites to achieve optimal exposure, boost your organic traffic, and help you climb the search engine rankings.

We only provide high quality link building services

Not all link building companies are the same, it is a specialised area of search engine optimization that requires the combination of technical expertise and the creation of expertly crafted articles to promote your brand while maintaining authenticity.

We meticulously vet all blogs and news sites that we use in this service to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and cater to an audience likely to engage with your product. Our aim is to avoid expending resources on articles that won’t resonate with potential readers, thereby safeguarding your investment.

We use a wide variety of tools to identify website owners whose existing content already aligns closely with your own.
Adhering to stringent writing standards and optimising for SEO elements such as keywords will help to make sure that our content for partner websites is produced at the highest calibre. Our copywriters analyse the existing content on the host site to select topics that seamlessly integrate with their blogs.

For dependable outreach spanning an international network cultivated over years, trust Maratopia to deliver unparalleled results.

We’ll begin by benchmarking against your competitors, comparing the quality and quantity of their links to yours. This helps us identify any gaps that need addressing and opportunities for improvement in your link building strategy.

Next, we’ll delve into understanding the topical strengths and weaknesses of your market. By analysing the topics and themes prevalent in your industry, we can tailor your link building efforts to capitalise on your strengths and shore up any weaknesses.

Our process involves thorough testing for toxic or low-value links that could be detrimental to your website’s reputation. We’ll carefully comb through your backlink profile to identify and eliminate any links that may have the characteristics of spam or come from disreputable sources.

In addition to removing harmful links, we’ll also identify any link farms or other suspicious patterns that could be negatively impacting your SEO efforts. This proactive approach will help to ensure that your link building strategy is built on a solid foundation of high quality links.

Alongside the work we undertake on your own link building campaign, we’ll also track the growth of your competitors’ link building activities. By monitoring their progress over time, we can identify trends and opportunities that you can leverage to stay ahead of the game.

We’ll also pay close attention to the links that your competitors have in common, but you might be missing. These shared links represent potential opportunities for you to expand your backlink profile and increase your website’s visibility within your industry.

Through meticulous measurement and analysis of industry best practices, we aim to help you establish a world class approach to link building. By adopting strategies that have proven successful for top performers in your field, you can position yourself as a leader in your industry.

With our comprehensive approach to link building, you can strengthen your online presence, improve your search engine rankings, and attract more traffic to your website.

Link Building FAQs

What is a link building service?

Link building serves as an SEO tactic designed to enhance your authority or kudos with Google by strategically placing quality links. Trust flow holds significant weight as a ranking factor, influencing your position in search engine results.

At Maratopia, each link building effort undergoes thorough research to ensure your links are placed on relevant blogs. This strategic placement increases the likelihood of audience engagement, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.

What is the benefit of using a link building agency?

While it’s feasible to undertake link building independently, it entails extensive research to identify relevant sites with topical trust flow. This entails not only engaging with site owners who are trusted by Google but also ensuring relevance to your products and services.

Link building can elevate your business and expand your audience reach, allowing you to utilise relevant referring domains which will enhance the natural appearance of link placement and anchor text.

Our in house team specialise in crafting high-quality content capable of adopting various tones, from casual to editorial. They excel in incorporating relevant in-content links tailored to your brand, supported by thorough topical research.

Should I have a strategy for a link building campaign?

As with any aspect of digital marketing, a well-crafted link building strategy is crucial for maximising SEO benefits and achieving your brand objectives.

Naturally, implementing effective link building techniques requires time and expertise. So by entrusting your link building to our seasoned link building agency, you’ll ensure the acquisition of high quality link placements to enhance your trust flow.

Our link building service not only utilises proficient writing but also involves the assessment of suitable opportunities for guest posting.

And, throughout the duration of your link building campaign, your dedicated account manager will provide you with the live link for each article.

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