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While our SEO services will put your brand on a level playing field with your competitors, our technical SEO audits will put you in a league of your own.

Your website will fuel your online presence and website performance, so an audit is the first firm step towards identifying and remedying structural and content problems which are hindering its performance.

To formulate the best way forward, you need to know the exact state of play with your site’s performance current SEO – and our 60-point Technical SEO Site Audit will tell you everything you need to know.

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What’s Included In My Technical SEO Site Audit?

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive technical SEO services which give you the tools to get your site firing on all cylinders.

Our evidence-based approach sees your site undergo a 60-point test which identifies all barriers to the top rankings and creates a strategy that gets you there – consider it your blueprint to search engine success.

Our Technical SEO specialists have aeons of experience in the industry, and they’ll make sure the following elements are considered in your audit:

Competitive Search Space

Find out how you and your competitors are ranking, and discover keyword opportunities in your search space.

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Find your current keyword rankings, as well as estimated clicks for each top ten SERPs position, and cost-per-click for paid search terms.



Assess search volume, competition and click-through-rates (CTRs) for top keywords to establish prime targets.



Find bid ranges for PPC marketing, as well as competition on keywords to establish where best to direct your efforts – PPC, SEO or both.



Identify long-term competitor trends and scale the competition, whether you’re up against big names or small businesses just like yours.



Check changes over time to competitor traffic, to find long- and short-term keyword trends in organic and paid search channels over time to find out what works.



Identify search terms outside of the top 10 keywords that can yield quick wins against competitors.


Keyword Trends

Review rising and falling trends in keywords over time, as well as associated ‘break-out’ terms.



Understand the organic keyword discovery of competitors, and potential traffic gains.

Google’s Core Web Vitals

Fast, responsive sites perform far better in Google’s search engine rankings. These tests assess critical success factors surrounding user experience.
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Site Speed

Find out how your site’s speed is performing on desktop and mobile devices, and how it compares to competitors.


DOM size
Check the size of all html components on a page, as excessive size will create a slow load speed.


Poor or slow conversion of website code into screen pixels can reduce page speed, leading to penalties from Google.


Competitor Traffic Comparison

Compare competitors’ user experience offerings, and identify trends, scale and impact.

Content Gap Analysis

Content plays a major role not only onsite, but in search rankings. Find out how your web content could be impacting your search rankings.
Image of technical SEO challenges


Keyword Density

Is your content keyword rich without spamming or keyword stuffing? Google and other search engines will penalise your site for these practices.


Duplicate Content

Our audit will check for thin content, as well as duplicate content and technical issues that inadvertently create duplicate pages.


Blog Analysis
Is your blog credible, updated frequently, well-designed? Are active share icons present? Does the blog contain broken links and do internal links go to the right pages?

Convinced Yet?


SEO Hygiene

Does your site stand up to basic SEO scrutiny, following best practices every step of the way? Discover just some of the many SEO hygiene tests we’ll perform on your website!
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Meta tags
Meta tags are information excerpts that describe a web page to Google and search users – we’ll check your meta descriptions and page titles are following good SEO practice.


Many sites ignore heading structures. However, structured data markup gives pages logical structures and enables search engine spiders to better understand them.


Language Refs

Make sure your language refs tell Google what language and market your site is designed to target.


Image sizes

Reporting of large, slow-loading images which impact user experience and overall site speed can also impact your ranking factors.


Site Structure
Does the site have a logical structure that is easy for both search engine spiders and humans.


Crawl Depth

Ensure all vital content is easy to find – the closer to the home page, the more valuable Google considers the content to be.


Image Optimisation

Using alt tags helps describe your image to Google and will help your images – and pages – to be found in search engine results.


Canonicalised content
Canonicalised content tells Google that similar content belongs with a mother page. This is essential to avoid facing Google penalties for duplicate content.
And that’s just for starters! Depending on what we find, there are as many as 30 additional tests that we can perform!

Competitor Backlink Profile

Internal linking isn’t the only linking to focus on. The backlink profile of a site will impact the authority of your website. Good quality backlinks act as an amplifier for your content and turbocharges your ranking positions.
Technical SEO challenges graphs


FOLLOW VS NOFOLLOW RATIO (inbound and outbound)
Tests to see if there is a natural balance to inbound links – too many follow links may look suspiciously like a link farm has been used.


Citations are vital for local search engine optimisation and should be consistent in their description of the business and locations. Many good, free listings go unclaimed whilst others may be toxic.


This assesses the strength of your backlink profile vs that of your competitors, as well as the quality of your backlinks. Backlink strength directly influences the authority of your page and its rankings.


This measures the relative quality of your backlinks, taking into account factors such as site traffic.


These assess low value links that could be damaging your profile, and may be a sign of sabotage by competitors.


Find out how authoritative and trustworthy your domain is in its topic or niche. Having links from more relevant sites on relevant subjects is naturally better.


This identifies potentially toxic backlinks that could be negatively impacting your search engine rankings.


Assess the potential fingerprint of backlinks and link farms. Too many links from a low value site can be toxic.


Ensure the rate of your backlink growth is improving the quality of your SEO by generating link equity.


These types of links are considered good authorities by Google, and backlinks to these will impact positively on your rankings.

Comprehensive Reporting

At the end of the technical SEO audit process, we’ll produce a comprehensive report which spells out our technical recommendations in straightforward terms, and arrange a call or meeting to chat about our findings and agree an attack plan to get your site back on track.

Then, with the blueprint in place to bolster your technical performance, you’re ready for unparalleled results.

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Do I Really Need A Technical SEO Site Audit?


A comprehensive audit from our technical SEO experts will crawl every corner of your site, just as a search spider would, to identify the technical glitches that turn off visitors and stop you from grabbing great Google rankings – thus building a picture of your SEO performance so that you know what needs to be fixed.

Your site may be performing well, but there’s always room for improvement – Position One on the SERPs page receives more than thirty times the traffic of Position Ten, whilst your traffic can double with every two positions climbed across the SERPs. Page one is good, but you should aim for great – your SEO campaign should be targeting that number one spot to drive customers to your site and boost your sales. And a technical SEO audit will create a strategy that gets you there.

Competition for those vital Top 5 SERP spots is now hotter than ever, so your audit will identify exactly why your website traffic or conversions have dropped; transforming problems into opportunities that propel you back up the rankings and drive sales.

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Google Customer Reviews - 4.9/5 stars

I chose to work with Maratopia because I was impressed by the knowledge of the team that visited our offices and the examples of work they’d carried out for other companies in our industry.

The planning workshops at the start of the project raised interesting questions, generated great ideas, and proved to be a solid foundation to build on.

We love the finished website and have been delighted with the increase in visitors and social interaction since it went live.

Additionally, developing an ongoing business relationship is important to me and it’s reassuring that I can rely on Maratopia to take care of any future updates to our website.

Fiona Lazenby , Managing Director at HotHouse Partnerships

I chose to work with Maratopia because I needed a new website.

I was impressed by their website development work provided for a number of other companies. I have found Maratopia to be an ideal business partner. They are really good at listening, providing clarity, and only then provided solutions meeting my business objectives. They also adapted easily during the development as my business needs became more tightly defined. Furthermore, the work was completed without fuss, on time and to budget, which is a major consideration for any business. In addition, developing an ongoing business relationship is important to me. I can leave technology development and ongoing website management to Maratopia.

This allows me to concentrate on writing new content, building my client base and generating revenue.

Paul Howard, Wine Alchemy

We had our Website built and designed by Maratopia, I am so delighted with it.

The team were professional, creative and completed our fabulous website ahead of schedule. They also had to work with a third party, which can be tricky, but absolutely no problem at all. All so smooth made my life so easy. They also helped me with the branding with research.

Thank you to all the team. for making my website so lovely.

Alana Mazza, Owner, Casale San Pietro

We have worked with Maratopia to build upon our existing national & international SEO strategies and have been impressed with the professional manner in which they approach their work and importantly, the results we have achieved together.

Martin Mansell, Managing Director,

The guys at Maratopia were brilliant, incredibly helpful and explained everything along the way, clearly they’ve spent a lot of time becoming experts in web development and marketing!

Great team and brilliant customer service! Thanks 🙂

James Ashton

Set up a website for us which has worked well.

Quick responses to additions & deletions when needed for marketing purposes.

Friendly & helpful team.

Janet Carr

We needed a brand new website, at short notice, and with a limited budget.

However, we also wanted great functionality, plenty of room for development and the ability to easily update content ourselves.

Maratopia came up with a solution for us which was just what we were looking for.

Chrisi and Tom were absolute stars at guiding us through the process and delivering on time.

Suzel Taber-Shaw, Scandinavia Only

Persistent, practical and patient!

Excellent service – we are delighted with our new website.

Rupert Ratcliffe, Managing Director of LONPROP Limited

Our online store was outdated, and wasn’t performing very well. Maratopia proposed a creative solution, provided an extremely competitive quote, and completed the project within 10 days. Conversion and revenue have been up substantially every month since the redeveloped site was launched, and I am extremely happy with their work.

Jason Morrison, Managing Director, Riso Gallo UK

Having worked alongside the agency for a number of years, I only have positive things to say. In particular, Amber (who I have dealt with on a monthly basis) has proven to be a great help in assisting me with in-depth data regarding our website ranking, SEO overview and much more. Would highly recommend.

Lisa Clay

We instructed Maratopia to do an SEO audit of our websites.
They provided a very thorough report and were really impressed with the quality of the work.

There were clear identifications of the pain points and the actions required to solve this problem.
We had a few chats with them during the process and they helped us understanding more about SEO.
After the initial work with them,we are still in talks to continue our collaboration.

Brice Agamemnon

Technical SEO FAQs

How can technical SEO audits benefit my business?

Technical SEO services will give you a better idea as to where you need to make improvements to boost your website’s performance.

Tools such as Google Search Console can help you to monitor your site’s performance, but being able to implement those necessary changes will boost your organic search performance.

Not only will working with technical SEO consultants give you a deeper insight into your areas of improvement, but our SEO professionals can help you take the next step in improving your online visibility.

What does a technical SEO agency do?

Technical SEO specialists carry out a wide range of audits including search engine optimization tests, page speed analysis, and relevant keyword comparisons.

Our technical SEO agency will audit your site against search engine algorithms to ensure that your technical elements are up to scratch.

Our technical specialists will then work with our other in house team members to put together strategic SEO services that are specifically catered to your business needs.

Get expert technical SEO consultancy today and boost your website performance.