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When your customers enjoy excellent experiences at every touchpoint, your brand will be boosted by superb results and a solid reputation.

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So every technical and creative muscle Maratopia flexes is focused on generating sustainable results that grab great search engine visibility, satisfy clients and drive profits.

While SEO, PPC, Content, Web Development and Design are distinct disciplines, what unites our expert teams is our vision of combining creative and data-driven strategies and tactics to target the customers who you need to meet, without wasting time and money on those you don’t.

So each campaign we design and deploy delivers a triple whammy – connecting you with customers in engaging and entertaining ways, deftly differentiating you from the competition and delivering a robust ROI.

We’re all ears
(As Well as Eyes)

The key to our success is that we’re all ears when we first get to know you and we listen keenly to your wants and needs throughout our relationship.

This is simply the best way to quickly and effectively buy into your brand values, understand your target clientele, keep an eye on your competition and get to grips with your goals.

While our technical and creative skills are exceptional, we always work with empathy, emotional intelligence and transparency – so you’ll clearly understand what we’re advising and why when it comes to your digital strategy, every step of the way.

Our approach is simple and straightforward, but ensures that our relationship starts on a mutually respectful footing and remains sustainable and success-driven.

Think, Create, Share – The way we do things around here


We set our synapses sizzling when developing your bespoke digital marketing campaigns by developing on-point buyer personas, analysing user data, identifying your competition and setting goals.


Your brand is brought to life when our creatives, backed by terrific technical data, blend pitch-perfect PR, Content and Web design to boost engagement and exposure.


With your brand purpose, mission and story solidified, we connect you with customers and drive sales through distributing cracking content via influencers, social media, emails, press releases and blogs.

Think Again

Honing kick-ass customer experiences is an iterative process, so we keep eagle eyes on campaign performance against KPIs and current trends to ensure every customer conversation and interaction is as engaging as possible on all platforms.

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Maratopia – What’s With The Name?

‘Maratopia’ might sound pretty mind-bending, but once you know our brand backstory, you’ll understand why it informs everything we do.

Apart from being as cool as eight-legged cucumbers, spiders are intimately associated with Search, so since once of our core services is weaving SEO magic to capture customers, our brand’s awesomely aligned with arachnids.

  • ‘Maratus’ is the scientific name for the Rainbow Spider – he’s a pretty snazzy fellow who uses bold colours to attract attention, but he’s all business when it comes to capturing his targets.
  • The suffix ‘topia’ simply indicates a place with specified characteristics.
  • Blend both together and you’ve got Maratopia – the place where creative style and technical excellence merge magnificently.

For all you fellow spider obsessives out there, our legendary logo represents the Maratus spider’s supercharged 4-layered retina, as well as our our authentic ‘think-create-share-engage’ mantra – pretty neat, right?

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AAA Property Group - Web Design and SEO work
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Grown Organically

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Direct Building Products Logo

Direct Building Products


increase in revenue from all channels
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increase in traffic to the site across channels.
ARU Logo

Anglia Ruskin University


of all goals completed from PPC
We Buy Any Stairlift logo

We Buy Any Stairlift


increase in organic traffic on a 6 month comparison period.

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