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With over 20 years’ digital marketing experience, we’re experts in all things SEO. Let our team teach yours how to master the search engines.

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What is Search Marketing Consultancy?

We are a team of fully flexible digital marketing consultants with a proven track record of generating results.

As an SEO consultancy, our team can work alongside yours, manage operations if needed, or thoroughly analyse and execute a full service strategy in the disciplines you require.

With extensive experience in search engine optimization, and a team of talented experts in the field of digital marketing, our SEO consultancy services specialise in a full range of disciplines which operate together to create a strategy bespoke to your business.

Our SEO Consultants

As your SEO consultants, we’ll often begin with a technical SEO audit that thoroughly examines your search space including your competition, your keywords, trends, and the gap analysis on content, core vitals, backlinks and SEO hygiene (for starters). This will identify and analyse specific and general issues affecting your search engine optimization.

From this analysis, we can work with (or supplement) your inhouse team to prioritise and execute a strategy paced to work with your ambitions.

Our audit will also find out what’s giving your competitors the edge, and uncover opportunities within the search space to create an evidence-based strategy, which we’ll assist and steer the deployment of to help you reach SEO success.

Find the answers to questions such as:

Why do certain sites always appear above yours?

What should you do to reach the top #10, top #5, top #3 or top #1 position on Google?
How can you compete with bigger brands?
Where are your quick wins that will help you yield fast results?
What should be your long-term strategy for sustained success in the SERPs?

Why has your site traffic crashed?

Has Google penalised your site? And what can you do to fix it?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants’ Disciplines Include

Statistical Analysis

An evidence-based approach that looks at the facts and figures to assess your current SEO performance.

SEO Hygiene

Root out bad SEO practice on your site that could be standing in the way of those top Google rankings.

Google Top 10 Forensic Analysis

Find out how the top 10 highest performing competitors on Google hit those top spots and how you can knock them off.

Content Planning

Create a content plan designed to target high-intent traffic and secure your customer base.

Social Media Analysis

Assess existing social media performance, if any, and discover opportunities to expand the conversation.

Google Penalties Analysis

Find out what Google could be punishing your site for and how those penalties damage your ranking.

Speed and Core Web Vitals

Find out how your site performs against Google’s three Core Web Vitals which could be affecting your rankings.

Agile SEO Strategy

With a clear picture of your goals, your current position and the barriers that stand in your way (the SEO, Content, Vitals, Backlink Gap Analyses), we’ll build a strategy for you to achieve your ambitions based on affordable budgets and boxing smart for quick wins and improved overall exposure to Google.

Only with a truly forensic and evidence-based approach like ours can anyone confidently direct your investment to the areas of greatest SEO need:

  • How to hit your most profitable niches
  • Get a combination of quick, meaningful wins
  • Building up your medium and long term authority
  • Crafted to your budget requirements

Competitor Analysis

A comprehensive view of the competitors that are outperforming you, and how you can turn the tables to get ahead.

Keyword Analysis

Find the keyword opportunities your content is missing out on and find key targets for quick wins.

Content Analysis

Identify issues with thin and duplicate content that could be harming your site’s performance.

Technical Analysis and Strategy Building

Analyse your site’s technical performance to form the foundation of your strategy.

Backlink Analysis

Assess your site’s backlinking profile, including potentially toxic backlinks, to remove those toxic associations.

UX and CRO

Maximise your User Experience (UX) to provide your customers with an experience that encourages them to convert.

Agile SEO Implementation

Running an Agile SEO project is at the heart of the successful implementation.

SEO is not about doing the same old stuff all the time, with no challenges or changes. Our approach is to:

  • Prioritise the urgent, removing penalties and barriers while proactively building your site’s positive and authoritative profile with Google and your customer base
  • Plan in and not neglect the medium and long term wins
  • Work with your business’s team to supplement and complement your in-house skills – don’t pay us for what you can do!
  • Being agile means a rolling change of focus, responding to changes in the market, the competition and of course Google.

What can our SEO Consultants do for your business?

With full insights into your site’s SEO performance, and other digital marketing channels, such as paid search social and paid social, along with competitor insights, we’ll create a strategy that gives you the tools to master digital marketing and empower your business to take the lead. Our independent insights will give you direction, with support from our team where you need it.

We’ll also monitor the activity of your competitors, including paid search campaigns, backlink profiles, site changes, and SEO progress and strategies, as well as social media listening tools, to further personalise our approach.

Internal SEO projects are notoriously slow to get off the ground and inevitably lose battles for resources. When you work with us, we’ll keep a razor-like focus on your goals and implementation with weekly analysis, project management and tasking internal teams while supporting and educating internal teams to be more self-sufficient and to build SEO knowledge into your processes.

Our SEO Consultancy Process


We’ll work with your team to understand your goals, objectives and expected outcomes, as well as capacities and capabilities to find out where we can help.


We use the latest SEO tools to provide insights and to prepare a strategic analysis of your site, tailored to your market needs. This includes a deep site crawl to identify SEO hygiene issues and uncover potential technical and structural issues, content issues, and additional analysis if necessary.


We’ll create a project plan in accordance with your needs, working with you as a partial or full deployment team, supplementing and supporting your efforts to get the best out of our partnership. We’ll set a review plan to keep you on track, monitoring competitors and progress, retesting and reassessing to keep your site at the top of its game and to redraw what is possible.


We’ll share core learnings and resources including a range of onboarding guides so that both our team and yours are working from the same knowledge base, and establish a reporting routine to give you full transparency.

Initial Reporting

We’ll produce a report that provides an evidence-based analysis that uncovers underlying issues with your site, as well as a step-by-step prioritised strategy and advice to fix these issues.

Ongoing Support

We’ll be on call to support your team with technical and theoretical issues, and be a first responder to new or changing landscapes in your market and your search space, whether that’s new Google updates or new competitors .

SEO never stops, catching competitors is like trying to hit a moving target, so staying ahead of the curve, doing the right things well is what we’re about. An ongoing relationship, is desirable to see that you get ahead and stay ahead, not slipping back into the bad old ways of doing things.

Not sure?

You won’t be disappointed, by next week you’ll have 20:20 vision on your SEO Strategy.

We’ll work diligently to secure success and give your brand the edge with an evidence-based strategy that gets results.

And as part of our commitment to you, we won’t work with any of your competitors during our partnership.

All reports and communications will be delivered on an agreed schedule to keep you in the loop, and presented in plain English – no smoke and mirrors, just evidence based facts.

The Team

All the skill sets you need to achieve your goals:

  • Strategists
  • Paid Search Specialists
  • Technical SEO
  • Analysts
  • Content Strategy and Copywriting
  • Outreach
  • Design
  • Development
  • Project Managers

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