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Search engine optimisation will help your business grab great Google rankings and drive customers who have cash to spend to your website.

From local Leeds SEO services to content marketing that helps you climb the search engine results and crush the competition in Yorkshire, the UK or internationally, we have the experience and expertise to help you excel.

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Use our leading Leeds based SEO agency to beat your competitors

Why not partner with an SEO company in Leeds that has a proven record of delivering results through our forensic approach and insightful digital marketing strategy.

The team at our SEO agency Leeds will listen carefully to your business goals and develop a plan for bespoke SEO, grab an SEO audit today and take the first step to the SERP results you deserve!

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Your SEO Services

Our SEO team understands that every brand is different, so at Maratopia, we offer a tailored strategy, fitted to your capabilities, needs and budget. At our Leeds SEO agency, we have a range of specialist SEO services to help your unique firm drive traffic and achieve its aims.

Whether you’re looking for international or local SEO, on page SEO or link building, your package can be customised to create an effective SEO strategy that pulls in targeted traffic with these expert services:

Analysis and Insight

We’ll begin your project with the use of a wide range of SEO tools to deep dive into data to discover new opportunities and opportunities to punch above your weight. Plus, we’re Google analytics certified SEMRush Partners, so we have the knowledge needed to provide you with expert advice.


One of the keys to SEO is defining your target audience and understanding their habits, desires and the places they hang out so that you can work out what they’re searching for when they look for products and services like yours.

This means you can optimise your content to meet them more than halfway and ensure that you’re at their fingertips at every stage of the buyer journey – from initial curiosity to making a purchase. Our Leeds based SEO agency uses all the SEO tools and experience at our disposal to help you connect with existing and potential customers with the human touch.

Learn more about Audience Profiling


When you really want to get your SEO firing on all cylinders, our technical SEO audit will sift through every aspect of your website to analyse and diagnose every element that could be affecting your performance.

Our team specialise in fine-tuning SEO for local, national and international businesses and helping them beat the competition and sustain SERP success. It’s tough at the top in this discipline, but technical SEO identifies the major wins you can have by analysing every minuscule detail of your site.

From keyword research to optimising your website architecture for, site speed, UX (user experience) and making you mobile friendly, this type of audit plumbs the depths of your site to identify the SEO tactics and strategies your competitors can’t reach.

Learn more about Technical SEO


SEO content creation and copywriting serves several purposes simultaneously. It’s one of the most valuable tools in a digital marketing strategy for delivering SEO. Google reacts quickly to content changes, so when your website content contains the keywords, phrases and topics customers are craving, it’ll boost your rankings and drive them to your site. Our highly qualified and skilled content team are experts in crafting compelling copy that will appeal to both the search engine spiders and your customers.

We’ll use a range of tools to help understand how Google sees your pages, we’ll score the sites at the top of Google and by dissecting what Google has responded to, craft brand new copy that will out score the very best sites.

But once they’re there, skillful and persuasive copywriting, graphics, videos and CTAs (Calls to Action) will encourage user engagement, convincing them to stick around, explore your site, spend money and tell their friends all about their fantastic experience.

Web pages without professionally prepared content are just empty shells that are invisible to search spiders and customers alike.

Learn more about SEO Copywriting


In order to improve the quality of its search results and weed out websites that offer customers a low-quality experience, Google regularly introduces algorithm updates.

If you’re not constantly monitoring your SEO performance and aware of what’s going on in the digital marketing industry, you’ll likely miss these and your website rankings could drop dramatically as a result. However, keep your ear to the ground like we do and you’ll hear about changes as soon as possible and mitigate their effects by taking pre-emptive measures or reacting as quickly and professionally as possible on those rare occasions that an algo update arrives like a bolt from the blue.

Learn more about Algorithm Updates


Link equity (or link juice) is one of the major ranking signals powerful search engines like Google look for. In simple terms, the more high-traffic, high-trust, on topic sites that link to your website, the more highly it’ll be rated by search engines.

While there are ways to link building in a completely natural manner, they take time, which is where link outreach comes into its own. It works like this – we identify trusted influencer sites who are open to guest blog posting and pen pieces which include subtle and relevant backlinks to your site. The site’s existing audience connects with them instantly and also promotes them on its social channels, while your link equity improves rapidly and you shoot up the ranking. For a robust SEO package, you have to use off site SEO disciplines like link building outreach in combination with onsite activities like copy and content.

Learn more about Outreach


If you’re expanding into new international markets, you might need to translate your SEO marketing strategy as well as the language, because despite its near monopoly, Google isn’t the top search engine in every marketplace. With international SEO, we can optimise your site and content for alternative search platforms like Baidu and Yandex, implement an international-friendly URL structure and include content created by native language speakers who are aware of the cultural customs, norms and traditions. Going a little deeper, we can also ensure that your website branding and design is culturally appropriate, right down to colours and symbols, and use international blogger outreach to provide the type of boost you need to enhance our web presence in a new marketplace.

Learn more about International SEO


With sophisticated analytics tools, we can segment data for different demographics with amazing precision, and analyse how every corner of your website is performing day by day. But only clear reporting can convert this to language you understand. So by agreeing goals from the start of our relationship, we can define the performance metrics that demonstrate them most clearly – this means that we can report results to you transparently in the form of monthly reporting, or more regularly if you require, providing waffle-free insights that reassure you we’re progressing powerfully yet sustainably.

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Main Business Benefits of SEO

Get higher google rankings with a digital marketing agency


The first benefit of a strong SEO campaign is a no-brainer – without it, your website and business will be invisible online. Establishing a presence on the real estate of search platforms like Google is essential and we can help your Leeds company do exactly that.

Local Footfall

Local SEO is a valuable strategy.

When your website is optimised for mobile users and contains all of the relevant geographical keywords, it can capture super high-intent ‘near me’ searches people conduct when they need products and services from local firms fast. This means that local SEO drives footfall to your physical store as well as to your website – a dynamic double-whammy.


As effective SEO improves your website so that it satisfies search engine spiders, it simultaneously improves it for human users too. If your website provides potential customers with their solution in a couple of clicks but also contains other content that’s genuinely useful, they’ll spend more time and money there and pass on the message about how awesome you are – what’s not to love?

Authority and Trust

The more high-quality SEO-friendly content your website contains, the greater your authority and trust will be for search engines, customers and peers. When you’re the go-to business in your niche, you’re eventually in the enviable position when so many customers are approaching you that you have to expand to meet demand.

Proven Results

Organic SEO takes time but it gets demonstrable long-term results and it’s the foundation of a solid digital presence. It’s an investment in the future of your firm and it can help you punch above your weight and compete with larger firms who have bigger budgets for mainstream advertising but don’t have your desire or passion. Capitalising on SEO for your Leeds business can help it establish strong local roots and scale to regional, national and international levels – for frictionless business across borders, it’s hard to beat!

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Why Choose Our SEO Agency based in Leeds?

We’re not going to lie – we’re not the only SEO agency in Leeds. But we believe that we’re the only agency that offers such a breadth and depth of services dedicated to high-quality SEO that converts to tangible results for your business. The collective experience and expertise of our in-house SEO specialists and content marketers is very hard to compete with and quality and creativity are always first and foremost.

When you want brand-aligned SEO that can help advance your business to the next level in any market and thrive in the online marketplace, you can be confident we’ve got exactly what it takes.

So, why Choose Our Leeds Based SEO Agency? We’re Yorkshire based, speak in plain English, and deal in Facts. SEO is an evidence based discipline, so every strategy is grounded in proof and measurable tactics. We’re big enough to demonstrate all the SEO skills sets to the highest level, but small enough to care about your business and what it means to us. Our 4 leading SEO team members have over 60 years of collective experience, and if there’s something that we haven’t seen before we know someone who has. None of our clients has ever suffered at the hands of Google penalties while following our advice.

Contact Our SEO Agency Leeds Today To Get Your Business Online and Succeeding

If you’re ready to hire a trusted Leeds base SEO company, then we’re happy to provide a Free Search Space Analysis comprising an SEO audit and competitor analysis and benchmarking, that discovers the best keyword opportunities, what words your competitors make money on and the level of work required to beat them This offers excellent insights into improving your organic search performance, generating valuable leads and cracking conversions like sign-ups and sales.

Then we can meet with you and find out absolutely everything about what makes you tick, from your customers to your creation myth and your corporate values.

At this discovery phase, we’ll discuss all of our recommendations, define your goals and develop target audience personas, then create a customised blueprint for SEO success which you can review thoroughly before activating.

Parking / Directions
Want to meet us in person in Leeds? Give us a buzz and we’re happy to meet you in our office – we’ll even throw in a bottomless cup of tea or coffee and some cake!

If you’re ready to work with a leading SEO agency in Leeds, here’s all the info you need on directions to our Leeds office and nearby parking:

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FAQs about our SEO Agency Leeds

Got more questions about our Leeds SEO Agency?

At our Leeds based SEO agency, we’ve collated a few of our most popular questions and answers from our local Leeds clients, below, but if your head-scratcher isn’t present, please contact us for a friendly chat!

Why do I need SEO and organic traffic for my website?

If you want to increase traffic to your Leeds business website AND ensure that it’s the right type of high-intent traffic that’s likely to convert (buy something, sign up for a newsletter, email you for a quote etc) you most definitely need SEO. Furthermore, SEO is cheaper than paid search and conversions are higher because people have more trust in organic listings on search engines than in Google ads!

However, PPC can compliment your long term investment nicely, so making use of the full services of our SEO and PPC agency in Leeds will help you appear in popular searches and achieve a higher ranking.

How does search engine optimisation work?

You need great content written and structured just so… to tell Google and your potential customers what you do, what you want to be found on and why you.

You need a site that is quick and renders well on mobiles, so that Google knows that they can safely send their customers to a site where they’ll get a good experience.

Your site also needs other websites that are influential and relevant to link to you, this gives your site kudos and amplifies your content so you can more easily be heard by Google above the noise of your competitors. These are the basic elements but there’s a lot more than meets the eye – read our SEO blog to find out!

How do I choose what keywords to optimise for?

We will conduct thorough research to determine the best keywords to drive quality traffic to your site, in particular, if we will seek to balance quick win with long term goals considering:

  • the value of the word to your business what gives you the biggest bang for your buck (staples or staple guns for example)
  • the difficulty or competition, the more competition there is the longer it will take to achieve
  • your current position, you might be 13th with no traffic or 8th with very little traffic, small changes in positions here can make a big difference, whereas climbing 70 places from 90th still yields very little traffic
  • Your competitors’ weaknesses, if they are weak in content, then improving your content can catapult you quite quickly.

We might also advise using long-tail keywords which don’t have high search volumes, but do generate excellent click-through and conversion rates.

How much does SEO cost in Leeds?

We’re a boutique agency with low overheads so we will always be keen on price with the peace of mind that your job is being done locally, no cutting corners. Whatever your budget we’ll prioritise the big and impactful issues. The smaller the budget, the more we will focus on doing a good job on a smaller number of phrases, the larger the budget the quicker we can get results and the more words we can work on simultaneously, no realistic budget is therefore too large or too small. 

What we can say is that our focus is always on quality so you’ll get better value for money from your Leeds SEO agency and more sustainable results than from many other digital marketing disciplines. The thing to remember is that you are buying time and experience, someone may quote less, but can you be sure you are getting the breadth of experience? That it is not offshored to non native speakers or that anyone senior is dealing with your account?

What level of SEO person will be on my account?

We’re a medium sized agency, which means we have all the skillsets covered by a highly experienced and qualified team, your main 3-4 contacts will have a combined 50 years plus experience in SEO within our agency.

Can’t you just give me a price list?

Price lists are prescriptive and essentially sell you what you may not need, or what you can do yourself. We will always analyse your site, keywords and competitors to understand everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, we’ll also learn what you can do inhouse and what you need most help with. This way you get the most Cost Effective SEO Campaign that money can buy, based on fact and evidence.

When will I start to see results from my SEO campaign?

With good opportunities and prioritisation, some results can be within a few weeks, but true business transformation from SEO can take several months. The results are not an on off switch, it is achieving results in targeted areas while the rest of the site is building and bringing more opportunities to the fore.

What's the difference between Paid Search and SEO?

Importantly, Organic results (from SEO) account for some 64% of traffic while only 6% is generated by Paid Search. So if you have a successful PPC campaign, great stick with it, but imagine how you might do if you ranked organically through SEO with the same keywords.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation in the process of optimising your website, web pages and offsite backlinks to increase your search positions on Google’s organic results while PPC is essentially paying to be in the top 3 advertised results on Google

PPC is quicker (but be aware it can take 3 months to get the campaign optimised as optimisation requires data and data takes time to collect and test), but once you stop PPC your traffic stops

SEO is sustained, once you stop SEO there is just a slow decline.PPC can be great for trialling lots of keywords to see what converts best for you, before concentrating efforts on keyword specific SEO.With paid ads, you pay a certain fee to whoever owns the digital real estate (be it Google or anyone else) every time someone clicks on your ad.

PPC means that you pay for every click, but with SEO you don’t buy, you invest to achieve and earn the positions that give you traffic, so pick in quality words that give you the best ROI possible.

Can you manage my paid ads as well as SEO?


We’ll even get our skilled content writers to write your ads so that they’re punchy, persuasive and on-brand!

Check out our PPC homepage to find out what other magic we can work.

Are you ready for a successful SEO campaign? Become one of our Leeds SEO clients today!