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The web design agency that creates electric impressions

First impressions count. That’s why your business website is an all-important factor in a customer’s purchase journey. Benefit from our digital marketing services and let our web designers make your site as smooth as clockwork.

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Web Design Services from Maratopia include:

Creative web design

Our unique websites are designed by our web developers to catch the eye of your users, initiate instant intrigue, and most importantly, keep your customers sticking around. We’ll deliver a custom website that meets your project requirements, improves the customer experience, and streamlines the conversion journey to just a few short clicks.

Customisable UX

Your website design and web development experience with Maratopia will include workshops on wireframing and persona development, as well as testing and prototyping, with an inbuilt final product focus on driving leads/and or enabling eCommerce.

Search Engine Optimisation

As well as creating the perfect website for your customers, our finished product provides a cohesive approach that ensures search engine optimization to secure high Google rankings that attract target customers and increase more traffic.

Responsive Design

A significant proportion of web searches are carried out using mobile devices, meaning that every business needs a website that provides a positive user experience across devices. We’ll create a website designed for maximum adaptability.

Graphic Design

You need digital design that masters the look and feel of your business – it’s how your users recognise you. So, whether it’s logos, infographics, or email templates, your visual designs should be on brand.


When you want a website that’s the digital equivalent of a superbly designed shop which customers can wander through and pick up what they need whenever they want it, an eCommerce site is where it’s at.

Maratopia Web Design Agency: Design to Impress

Your site lets your customers connect with you, and shows them just what your brand can do.

It’s your chance to prove what you’re capable of. When your competitors are just a click away, your site needs to give customers a reason to convert.

That’s why web development is so important. You need a site that’s creatively captivating and fully functional, allowing users to follow natural navigation paths.

And with Maratopia’s site design services, you’ll have a website designed to your specifications, built with your customers in mind. We’re skilled at creating new websites that gives them the perfect purchase journey from start to finish.

Whether you’re taking your products into the world of ecommerce, or simply showcasing your services, we have experience with range of industries and will combine SEO essentials with a solid UX to ensure your site is search engine ready – optimising every step of the customer journey from the moment they arrive on site to drive those essential conversions.

When you choose Maratopia’s web design agency, you’ll work with experts who will transform your website into an online sales magnet that pulls consumers in to create long-lasting connections.

Whether you want to spike sales, improve visitor experience, enable customers to self-serve or simply make sure they find the right info fast, multi-device browsing means that your website has to look and feel as fantastic on mobiles as it does on tablets and PCs.

Our web development team is focused on finding the best tool for you and your business. So our expertise in Shopify and WordPress empowers us to work closely with you to create a site that differentiates you from the fiercest competition and offers captivating customer experiences.

Last but by no means least, our in-house SEO team will ensure that all of your website content and architecture is aligned with the latest search engine algorithms, attracts customers and helps you grab great search engine rankings.

WordPress Design

Benefits of a WordPress site

  • Flexible:

With almost 60,000 plugins at your disposal, adding new features and functionalities to your site is simple. Plugin development is constantly evolving; there are plugins for ecommerce, contact forms, image sliders and just about anything else you might need to enhance your site.

  • User-Friendly:

If HTML and coding are akin to foreign languages to you, fear not – WordPress is a self-contained system with plenty of templates for you to work from. Or better yet, you can partner with a professional who can create a dazzlingly distinct design for you that works wonderfully.

  • SEO-Friendly:

Plugins such as Rank Math Pro help you to create web pages that are SEO friendly, favoured by the search engines and consequently, seen by more consumers. Rank Math has a simple traffic light system which shows you how various aspects of your page measure up to SEO standards.

  • Easy editing:

The drag and drop interface makes maintaining and modifying your site a breeze. Plus, a WordPress website is browser based, so you can work on your site from any internet connected device.

  • Mobile-Friendly:

WordPress is built using responsive technology that enables your website to scale down appropriately when viewed from a mobile device. This is essential in the current age, where up to 55% of website traffic comes from mobile and search engines penalise non-mobile optimised websites.

WordPress website designed for Halifax Glass
WordPress website designed for Casale San Pietro
WordPress website designed for Orchard Dental

Why you need Maratopia’s web design services

When you choose Maratopia as your web design agency, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how your website can soar to success. We’ll help you find the right plugins to keep your site running smoothly, is optimised for speed, and provides you with all the functionality that you require.

If you want a WordPress expert to ensure that your website visitors have the best experience possible, then our web design agency can take your WordPress website from idea to live website. We offer a complete package of services from the creation of new web pages, improved visual elements, and managed wordpress hosting, to enhanced web presence and brand identity, and speed optimization and support services.

Having a blog on your website is a great way to increase traffic, optimise for keywords, support your product and services pages, and answer the burning questions of your clients. Not only can we add a blog page to your website, but our team of content writers can help you craft informative blog posts that rank.


Graphic showing eCommerce web development

You want your website to increase business revenue, charm customers and sell products and services.

And our top web designers have got the skills to achieve all of the above.

Our conversion-led development process ensures your high-performance eCommerce site secures serious online revenue growth.

A new eCommerce website offers much more functionality than a brochure site. You’ll be able to list all your products and services, and offer multiple ways to pay – with integrations from PayPal, Sagepay, WorldPay, Stripe and many more. Using platforms built for mobile, we’ll ensure that you provide the best customer experience across any device.

eCommerce websites are a little like online catalogues where you can browse entire product and service ranges, select what you need, order and pay securely in a few clicks.

This means they’re ideal for many types of B2C businesses, but they can be designed cleverly so that they’re much more effective than being simple online lists and are collated cleverly into collections that appeal to specific types of customers.

Plugin development is constantly improving; we can integrate popular payment platforms like PayPal, Sage Pay, WorldPay and Stripe into your eCommerce website, and we’ll optimise it for mobile as well as PC as standard, because so many customers prefer to buy using their phone.

Web design for Continental Sports
WordPress website designed for Casale San Pietro



When you want to be open for business 24/7/365, your website has to offer customers a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

And that’s the beauty of Shopify – it’s a complete ecommerce platform that empowers you to launch, grow, and sustain a successful business.

Trusted by over 800,000 businesses around the globe, it’s a holistic solution that incorporates secure checkouts, payments, shipping and more.

But it also looks and feels great to customers too, with stunning themes that allow our designers to align everything from website layout to content and colours with your brand.


Shopify simplifies all of the following:

  • Creating and customising your online store so that it’s unique, authentic and customer-centric.
  • Selling across multiple channels – including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations and pop-up shops.
  • Managing product offering, monitoring inventory, securing payments, and arranging shipping


Shopify boasts brilliant functionality, which includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Product level variants for prices, size colours and optional extras
  • Shipping calculations based on multiple possibilities
  • Courier integration
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Sales analysis
  • Order management
  • Basket recovery
  • Email marketing integration

But with Shopify, as with every digital marketing discipline, a stitch in time saves nine.

So you can be confident that before we suggest a service package, we take the time to really get to know you, your business, and your long term goals. We’ll then work closely with your stakeholders to formulate a tailored solution that meets and exceeds your expectations – down to every last detail.

Shopify web design for Lifestyle Natural Health
Shopify web design for Collated Fasteners
Shopify web design for Pipework Suppliers


If you decide that Shopify isn’t for you, we also offer WooCommerce services. WooCommerce is a customisable, open-source ecommerce platform that our developers can build for you on a WordPress website.


WooCommerce is a plugin that lets you sell products on your WordPress site. It allows you to offer your customers secure and flexible payments, manage orders from any device – including mobile – and fully customise your shop front to ensure that your new website meets your needs.


  • Payment options that include credit cards, BACS, Apple Pay, and PayPal
  • Automation for tax calculation
  • Live shipping management
  • Label printing
WooCommerce web design for Ormiston Wire
WooCommerce web design for Broughton Plant Hire

Launching Your Website

Finally launching your website is one of the most exciting parts of a web design project, for us and you! To ensure that everything runs smoothly, our web development team have implemented various steps in the form of a 21 Point Launch checklist:

21 Point Checklist

Marketing Review:

  • 01. Headings

Every page we have created on your behalf will have a relevant H1 and every page on the website should have an H1 that is unique.

  • 02. Meta Data

Every page we have created on your behalf has a relevant Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords

  • 03. Social

Facebook Opengraph and Twitter Card are in place and appropriate logos have been configured for this

  • 04. Custom Favicon

A Favicon will be created and uploaded to the website to show for bookmarks and to personalise browser tabs.

  • 05. Pagespeed Testing

We aim for key pages on the website to score a minimum of 70 on Mobile and Desktop for Pagespeed Insights.

  • 06. Redirections

We obtain a sitemap from the previous site (where applicable) – appropriate redirects will be configured and added to your site to ensure that all traffic is correctly routed to new pages.

Browser Compatibility:
  • 07. Windows Browsers

The website has been tested in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox on a Windows device

  • 08. MacOS

The website has been tested in the latest versions of Safari and Google Chrome on a Mac device

  • 09. Tablet & Mobile

The website has been tested for compatibility with iOS and Android browsers on multiple mobile and tablet devices.

Contact Forms:

Your contact forms have been tested and do the following:
  • 10. Admin Emails

All forms we create for you will send an Admin copy of the email to the contact email address(es) you choose.

  • 11. Customer Confirmations

All contact forms we create for you will send a Customer notification email to the customer who has filled it out.

  • 12. Analytics Tracking

Google Event tracking is in place on the forms to ensure that they will correctly trigger a goal completion on Google Analytics.

  • 13. Thank You Pages

We will configure a thank-you page to display to your customers when the form has successfully been submitted.

Domain Repointing:

  • 14. Propagation

We test to ensure that the live domain has correctly propagated to the new site location.

  • 15. Database Updates

We test to ensure that all references to the build site URL and old website URLs have been replaced with the appropriate live domain and URL locations.

  • 16. Aliases & Subdomains:

We test to ensure that the subdomains and alias domains correctly redirect to the preferred domain i.e. if a client prefers www.website.co.uk then we ensure that website.co.uk will automatically redirect to the www version to prevent duplicate content issues.

  • 17. SSL Certificates

We will correctly configure your SSL certificate and ensure that the http:// version of the site is redirected to the secure https:// version.

  • 18. Page Indexing

We will ensure that your website’s robots.txt site is configured to allow search spiders like Googlebot to browse the appropriate pages on your website, and disallow or no-index pages that should not be shown in search results (such as contact form thank-you pages.)

Analytics Software

  • 19. Installation

We will ensure that Google Analytics is installed on your site in order to allow you to track visitor trends and site activities over time.

  • 20. Google Search Console

We will ensure that your website is configured on Google Search Console and that your sitemap has been submitted for page indexing.

  • 21. Bing Webmaster Tools

We will ensure that your website is configured on Bing Webmaster Tools and that your sitemap has been submitted for page indexing.

Pre And Post Testing

Ensuring that your website is going to function and perform as it should is essential, so we test all of your website features, from forms to speed optimization, both before and after launch. This way you can rest assured that you’ll have a website that meets the needs of both you and your customers.

Web Hosting Services

With so many providers out there competing for your custom, choosing the right website host is tricky. However, what sets our service apart from the rest is that it’s designed with you in mind – it’s flexible, stable and offers you a high-quality reliable service, so your website hosting worries are well and truly over.

We also offer domain management services that handle renewal, redirecting and any potential issues that could arise from upgrading your hosting services, to always give you peace of mind.

Maratopia web hosting:

  • Cloud-based or dedicated boxes
  • Ongoing monitoring of your website
  • Consultancy services for upgrades and planning for future requirements
  • Domain management that keeps you up to date

PPC and / or SEO campaigns

Ranking in Google searches is an ongoing project that often requires more than a good web design. To account for this, we also offer a wide range of great SEO and PPC services to attract customers that are going to convert.

Discover more about our SEO and PPC services and our expert team will come up with a strategy to compliment your web design.

Support And Maintenance

When you partner with us, you get much more than a host – we’re a trusted ally, always on hand to offer expert advice and sound support.

Our ongoing, comprehensive packages include tech and functionality support, including speed optimization, as well as SEO standard edits so that your onsite content is always on point. Our proactive support team is waiting in the wings to swoop in with solutions to any technical issues that materialise.

But we’re responsive as well – our dedicated team excels at delivering ad hoc requests for design, development, content and much more.

For businesses braving the challenge of launching a new website, we also offer a fantastic intensive care plan which will guide you through this testing time with ease.

Maratopia web support

  • A remote production team, integrated as closely as required with the rest of your business
  • Access to dynamic team with a diverse set of skills who can deal with requests for a wide range of digital services
  • Continual analysis, monitoring and advice


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What Our

Customers Are Saying

Google Customer Reviews - 4.9 Stars out of 5

I chose to work with Maratopia because I was impressed by the knowledge of the team that visited our offices and the examples of work they’d carried out for other companies in our industry.

The planning workshops at the start of the project raised interesting questions, generated great ideas, and proved to be a solid foundation to build on.

We love the finished website and have been delighted with the increase in visitors and social interaction since it went live.

Additionally, developing an ongoing business relationship is important to me and it’s reassuring that I can rely on Maratopia to take care of any future updates to our website.

Fiona Lazenby , Managing Director at HotHouse Partnerships

I chose to work with Maratopia because I needed a new website.

I was impressed by their website development work provided for a number of other companies. I have found Maratopia to be an ideal business partner. They are really good at listening, providing clarity, and only then provided solutions meeting my business objectives. They also adapted easily during the development as my business needs became more tightly defined. Furthermore, the work was completed without fuss, on time and to budget, which is a major consideration for any business. In addition, developing an ongoing business relationship is important to me. I can leave technology development and ongoing website management to Maratopia.

This allows me to concentrate on writing new content, building my client base and generating revenue.

Paul Howard, Wine Alchemy

We had our Website built and designed by Maratopia, I am so delighted with it.

The team were professional, creative and completed our fabulous website ahead of schedule. They also had to work with a third party, which can be tricky, but absolutely no problem at all. All so smooth made my life so easy. They also helped me with the branding with research.

Thank you to all the team. for making my website so lovely.

Alana Mazza, Owner, Casale San Pietro

We have worked with Maratopia to build upon our existing national & international SEO strategies and have been impressed with the professional manner in which they approach their work and importantly, the results we have achieved together.

Martin Mansell, Managing Director, Looking.com

The guys at Maratopia were brilliant, incredibly helpful and explained everything along the way, clearly they’ve spent a lot of time becoming experts in web development and marketing!

Great team and brilliant customer service! Thanks 🙂

James Ashton

Set up a website for us which has worked well.

Quick responses to additions & deletions when needed for marketing purposes.

Friendly & helpful team.

Janet Carr

We needed a brand new website, at short notice, and with a limited budget.

However, we also wanted great functionality, plenty of room for development and the ability to easily update content ourselves.

Maratopia came up with a solution for us which was just what we were looking for.

Chrisi and Tom were absolute stars at guiding us through the process and delivering on time.

Suzel Taber-Shaw, Scandinavia Only

Persistent, practical and patient!

Excellent service – we are delighted with our new website.

Rupert Ratcliffe, Managing Director of LONPROP Limited

Our online store was outdated, and wasn’t performing very well. Maratopia proposed a creative solution, provided an extremely competitive quote, and completed the project within 10 days. Conversion and revenue have been up substantially every month since the redeveloped site was launched, and I am extremely happy with their work.

Jason Morrison, Managing Director, Riso Gallo UK

Having worked alongside the agency for a number of years, I only have positive things to say. In particular, Amber (who I have dealt with on a monthly basis) has proven to be a great help in assisting me with in-depth data regarding our website ranking, SEO overview and much more. Would highly recommend.

Lisa Clay

We instructed Maratopia to do an SEO audit of our websites.
They provided a very thorough report and were really impressed with the quality of the work.

There were clear identifications of the pain points and the actions required to solve this problem.
We had a few chats with them during the process and they helped us understanding more about SEO.
After the initial work with them,we are still in talks to continue our collaboration.

Brice Agamemnon