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Remember that time in the pub when you said you wanted a free Content Marketing Guide that wasn’t as muddled and mysterious as a Morse Code manual for an origami Austin Allegro?

And in the shopping centre, when you whispered a secret desire for content tips that were more thrilling than a two pound double dunk on the automatic massage chair?

Then in the park, when you were feeding the ducks, dropped your bag of breadcrumbs, threw your head back and screamed to the high heavens that you needed clarity on voice, tone and style – NOW!

Well… we’ve only gone and done it.

We’ve stopped following you around for long enough to avoid a restraining order and satisfied all your deepest desires by drafting a guide that some industry observers (albeit mostly in our office) are already calling the Rosetta Stone of the digital domain.

Why? Because of its powerful potential to unlock and unleash the superpowers of content marketing for your business.

What will I learn?

Strap yourself to your chair by your braces, belt or sock suspenders and cancel all appointments for the rest of the day while your entire body is begoosebumped by exciting revelations on:

  • Why good content is more like Yoda than Michael Gove
  • Why providing free, useful content delights customers
  • How long and short form content effectively drives conversions like sales
  • Producing video without a blockbuster budget
  • Why brand storytelling creates deep, empathic customer connections
  • Why voice, tone and style are essential brand building blocks
  • The importance of SEO- and mobile-optimised content
  • Creating and deploying a customised content strategy

…and MUCH more!

All this for free? Where can I get it?

Yes, our fact- and fun-packed content guide is totally gratis and you can grab it here.

So put your money back in your wallet, purse or pouch and prepare to peruse premium content advice at your leisure.

Please take some money – you deserve it!

No – put it away, for goodness sake.

All we ask is that if it’s a pleasure for your peepers, please let us know – sharing is caring.

Author: Stephen Harvey-Franklin Steve Harvey-Franklin

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