3 Strategy Tips for a Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign

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If you’re looking to drive blog traffic and improve your domain authority metrics then a solid blogger outreach strategy should be the next step in your SEO efforts.

A successful blogger outreach campaign requires well written content, collaboration with influential bloggers, and carefully placed inbound
links to your target website. Discover our strategies for successful blogger outreach campaigns and make the most of influencer marketing.

What is SEO blogger outreach?

image of guest posts on authority blogsSEO blogger outreach, sometimes called influencer marketing or link building, is a strategy that involves partnering with established bloggers to publish quality content on their trusted and high-traffic blogs. These link building strategies place high quality links for your website and boosts your search engine rankings.

By writing blogs on popular websites with a high domain authority, your business can benefit from quality backlinks that provide link juice – that magical mix of increased website traffic, brand awareness and lead generation.

When you choose relevant bloggers, whose niche can be connected to your product or service through a contextual link, you’ll not only boost your page authority but you’ll attract new consumers already primed for audience engagement.

Blogger outreach is therefore an essential component of SEO and an activity that any ambitious online business should actively engage with.

Why use bloggers for your outreach efforts?

Image of link building agency planning SEOIn the past decade, writing a blog has become much more than a hobby – it’s a monetised internet phenomenon, with more than 500 million blogging websites out there publishing countless new posts every day.

The rising popularity of the blog post has seen the blogger’s role evolve from that of a mere web writer to a consumer influencer who is trusted and respected by the public. In fact, according to Medium, 81% of consumers trust advice and information that they receive from blogs.

In essence, bloggers have exactly what any motivated and driven business deeply desires – a loyal and engaged following making them the ideal home for your content marketing outreach project.

But with more and more businesses becoming switched on and clued up to the benefits of SEO blogger outreach, just how do you hook up with prospective bloggers and build relationships?

This blog will walk you through three expert tips to create a robust SEO blogger outreach program that makes your business soar online. And, if you feel like you want to embark on a successful campaign, contact our blogger outreach team and we can help you get the ball rolling.

Pop on the kettle and settle down with our on-point pro tips on introducing blog outreach to your digital marketing strategy.

1. Find influential and relevant websites for your blogger outreach campaigns

image of planning target bloggers for link placementThe first step in creating a successful SEO blogger outreach strategy is identifying the bloggers who are best placed to help promote your brand and its offering. Here are a few factors to bear in mind when embarking on your own blogger outreach process:

Finding the right blogging platform for your business requires a lot of research – this primarily involves reading blogs to learn more about the owner and decide if their vision and interests align with those of your business.

You should focus your search on bloggers writing for your particular niche, so that your blog pitch will meet their editorial requirements and your posts will slot smoothly and naturally into their site.

The other benefit of writing posts for relevant blogs within your niche is that it gives you access to an audience that is likely already interested in what you have to offer. It’s therefore a fantastic opportunity for you to drive high-intent visitors to your website who can become qualified leads and, in time, paying customers.

There are a multitude of ways to find bloggers on the internet, but Google search and social media are good starting points.
For example, if there’s a popular industry website that you’d be interested in writing a blog for, you can use Google to find out who the webmaster is and contact them with a polite proposal.

You can then use social media to gauge their influence and authority by looking at the level of engagement their posts get and how large their following is.

Finally, assess the trust flow and traffic of the blogger’s site – this will reveal just how juicy the resulting links will really be and help you decide whether they’re a worthwhile partner who can help you climb the ranks of engines like Google.

2. Write captivating blogger outreach content

image of blogs used in blogger outreach serviceSearch engines like Google crave well-structured content that expertly untangles tricky consumer queries with ease. Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your content creation journey:

SEO blogger outreach is your opportunity to deliver delightfully delicious content to search engines by publishing content on high ranking sites that demonstrates your expertise and provides pertinent advice, information and entertainment which appeals to your target audience.

If you’re not entirely sure what content topics will be most useful to readers, it’s worth looking at popular previous posts on the blogging platform to get your blog brain ticking.

For example, when writing an outreach blog for a travel site, you might spot that a blog on summer travel tips attracted a lot of engagement and decide that an accompanying winter travel tips piece would be a good fit.

In addition to this, you should also consider if there are gaps in the content of the blog which you can fill. If you can highlight these in a tactful manner, it shows the blogger that you’ve taken the time to read their blog and that your new material will add real authentic value to their site.

If you want your blog content to be data-driven from the very start, you should consider using tools to help you generate content ideas based on the relevant topics, keywords and questions people are currently chatting about online.

3. Use social media platforms to amplify your blogger outreach strategy

image of business owner using social media for blogger outreachSEO blogger outreach is a long-term strategy where you should continually look for new blogging platforms to promote your business so that it remains relevant in the eyes of consumers and search engines alike.

But don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of using the same stale email template for every outreach blogger pitch. Webmasters for high quality websites will find their inboxes bulging with requests, so a fresh, memorable and personalised pitch will stand out from the crowd and emphasise that any new relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Here’s some advice on differentiating yourself:

Reach out in an empathic, conversational and respectful way by using their name, referring to background details garnered from their blog posts or onsite profile and, if you’ve followed the previous tip (engaging with them on social), you can also remind them of your existing connection.

For example, starting with “Hi Alex, my name is Sarah. I’m a fellow dog lover and I’ve been reading your pet care blog for the past three months” is a pretty sweet and subtle approach that immediately sets them at ease. Including some guest post content ideas in your initial pitch can also help increase your chances of success – just ensure that they’re tailored to the blogging site by reading submission guidelines, scanning the ‘About Us’ section and checking past posts.

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