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At Maratopia, we’re always looking for ways to help members of the team expand their skillset and advance their expertise.Coloured G from Google's Logo.

So we’re delighted to announce that our new apprentices Sean and Amber have embraced our commitment to learning by passing the prestigious Google Analytics and Google Ads exams with flying colours!

These exams are highly-regarded in search engine marketing, where Google dominates with an almighty market share of 92%.

That’s why we take the time to ensure that all of our search team are Google qualified and possess the latest knowledge straight from the source.

For us, training and development are a priority, not an afterthought. So as well as on the job training, we factor in plenty of time in the work schedule for self-learning and formal coaching which is delivered by expert managers and senior members of staff.

Furthermore, we also hold regular team meetings where staff can discuss industry news and consolidate their expertise. This ensures that our passion for digital is matched by practical knowledge of the latest trends, techniques and technologies.

What’s Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics platform that provides businesses with the tools to measure their website traffic.

And since website traffic is one of the factors Google takes into account when determining a site’s search engine position, it’s a terrific tool for businesses looking to improve their SEO and rise up the Google SERPs.

Google Analytics can also be used for a fascinating deep dig into visitor behaviour, providing metrics on how long people are spending on your site and how they arrived there (email, PPC ad, social media post etc.).

This data can then be used to determine the effectiveness of your site (in terms of UX and conversion rate) and digital marketing strategies (in terms of driving traffic), so enables you to make informed changes where the level of success can be accurately measured.

What’s Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform where businesses can pay for Google advertising space by bidding on keywords.

When a person enters a search query (e.g. ‘what is digital marketing?’) related to your keyword or phrase (e.g. ‘digital marketing’), Google enters you into an auction, where it considers your maximum bid price and ad quality to determine whether your ad will show up. You then pay Google each time a person clicks on your ad.

AdWords can therefore be a quick method for increasing traffic levels to your site whilst you work on SEO. Plus, the increased traffic will simultaneously enhance your overall search marketing efforts.

And in terms of maintaining your hard-won search engine ranking, regular algorithm changes mean that when Google sneezes, unprepared websites catch the cold.

So we always keep our ear to the ground for the latest developments and have the awareness, skills and agility to make the SEO tweaks that keep you fighting fit.

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