How Does A Remarketing Campaign Benefit My Business?

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Whether you’re a small business, or a well established corporate chain, remarketing campaigns can benefit every business model from the ground up. Your remarketing efforts can greatly impact your customer reach positively, and help to target potential customers who are not so quick to convert.

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What is Remarketing?

It is said that you need some n6 or more touches / contact points with a prospect before they’ll engage with you.
Remarketing is an essential part of creating and maintaining those multiple touch points with a prospect by understanding and targeting your audiences.

Creating a remarketing campaign will target users who have previously visited your site recently, keeping your brand name at the forefront of your customers’ minds. In doing this, your customers are more likely to convert to your brand when re-visiting the site.

An example of specific audiences to re-engage include shopping cart abandoners, who will frequently browse your website, fill a shopping cart and then bounce from the page. This may be due to accessibility issues, time constraints or other factors.

One strategy for combating shopping cart abandonment is to prompt customers to sign up with an email address and then email the contents of their cart to prompt a complete purchase.

As many customers tend to prefer time to contemplate their purchase before buying, this remarketing strategy allows you to prompt visitors to return later on to complete their purchase.

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What are the Benefits of Using Remarketing Campaigns for My Business?

The benefits of upping your remarketing efforts are numerous, and you will most likely see an instant positive impact on your company.
By using search engine giants like Google to formulate your remarketing campaigns, you can use related tools like Google Search Network which can help to bolster your efforts to redirect previous site visitors to make a conversion to your site.

Remarketing Ads: Search Ads Vs Display Ads

You’ll need to carefully assess your business model, and how customers interact with your website.
Search ads are ideal for targeting users who are searching with intent for your products or services and are looking specifically for the items you are advertising.

They appear above organic results on search engine results pages, so will naturally target customers searching for specific keywords.
Display ads can appear on over 2 million sites where customers might be browsing on the internet, and reaching over 90% of online users. A display ad will often use pictures to target their ads to people.

Although the average conversion rate for display ads is lower, so is the cost per click, and while search ads may be better for securing a higher conversion rate, they can require more investment in the long run. However, it’s not really an “either/ or”, PPC Ads are to get visitors to your site based on what they are searching for, remarketing is there to remind them of their visit and to keep you front of mind.

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What are Some Tools Used in Remarketing Strategies?

Google Ads

Using targeted ads through paid search platforms like Google Ads can help you to target website visitors while they are visiting other websites. As the largest search engine in the world, Google has an immense customer reach and is the perfect way to complement your PPC remarketing strategy.

Google is well-known for prizing relevance and quality in categorising their search results, so it should come as no surprise that the same policies apply to their remarketing ads too. For this reason, high quality ads are likely to garner much more interest from users than ads created by investing more money.

This can help to improve your brand awareness by targeting active users who are searching with intent for your business, or relevant services. To do this, keyword research is conducted to create ads based on your business’ target audience.

Facebook Ads

Paid social ads cater to an incredibly lucrative audience, but ads used in this context are often less targeted than Google Ads, with a lower average conversion rate than dynamic ads.

However, platforms like Facebook collect information from users that can be useful for creating ads for existing customers who serve as a captive audience. Additionally, social media content is often tailored to user preferences, with users actively subscribing to content that interests them, or aligns with their particular beliefs, ideologies and lifestyle choices.

This wealth of information allows Facebook to create seamless remarketing tactics through display ads that will blend in with the heavily visual content on social media feeds.

Email Remarketing

Email remarketing can also be used to target a custom audience who may have previously converted to your site by signing up to a newsletter, purchasing an item, or signing up to product alerts.

These emails work towards pushing promotional material or informational content to help entice previous visitors back to your site. Examples of this might include exclusive access to discount codes, pre-sales, and display ads targeting specific pages.

Email remarketing allows you to create a personalised relationship with site visitors; informative and engaging content will help to convince customers to engage with your site. However, you’ll need to make sure that you maintain a good balance of emails, as many will quickly hit the unsubscribe button if their inbox becomes clogged with too many marketing emails.

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What’s the Difference Between Standard Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns?

If you want to create remarketing campaigns for your business, you’ll need to know the difference between standard remarketing and dynamic remarketing.

Standard remarketing is the most common form of remarketing strategy. Using tools like Google Ads and Google’s Display Network, you can create Google remarketing ads with filters that will trigger when users make certain interactions.

However, dynamic remarketing ads take standard remarketing one step further by displaying specific pages or products that a customer has already visited. This usually results in a much higher click rate, and consequently, a much higher conversion rate for your website when dynamic ads are used in conjunction with offers or deals.

You might want to use social media platforms like Facebook Ads to run remarketing campaigns on social media.

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Does My Business Need a Remarketing Campaign?

The short answer is yes. Every business should have retargeting campaigns to catch those past visitors to your website who fall through the net. By using dynamic remarketing ads as part of your digital marketing strategy, you can specifically target users with ads containing items on pages they have previously visited, and encourage them to complete the conversion.

A retargeting campaign can help you to direct customers to a particular page, or specific products or services. Not only will this boost your e-commerce profits, but it will also keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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Final Thoughts

By targeting your remarketing audiences effectively using remarketing campaigns and tools like Google Ads, you can redirect previous visitors back to valuable content on your website in order to secure conversions. By understanding your customer journey from landing page to the end of the session, you can better evaluate how to draw users to your website, and most importantly, keep them there.

If you need a helping hand to create remarketing lists, or set up a new campaign, get in touch with Maratopia today to see how we can help you with your Google Ads remarketing and secure more potential customers for conversions.

Alternatively, sign up for a free technical SEO site audit for an in depth analysis of your website performance against your competitors, and helpful insight into how your website can go from zero to hero in no time.

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