Why An SEO Audit Is A Stickable NY Resolution

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why an seo audit is a stackable new years resolution

Christmas kettlebell used as a paperweight? Check. Lycra leotard rolled in a ball as a makeshift dog-chew? Check. Frozen diet meals relegated to the bottom of the freezer with JustEat on speed dial? Check.

Yup, our New Year’s resolutions lasted as long as an ice lolly on a Lanzarote sun lounger too.

But a free SEO audit is the gift that keeps giving – here’s why grabbing one could be a business-boosting NY resolution that really pays off for you in 2021.

Onsite SEO benefits

A thorough SEO audit will firstly ensure that you’ve got actionable tips on improving your onsite SEO. This is the content and HTML source code on your website pages – the words and images that humans and Google bots can see, the technical elements that are a web developer’s bread and butter and how these relate to each other.

Google and other search engines have now developed a really sophisticated understanding of what people are really looking for when they type in (or verbalise) a search query and their algorithms are constantly perfecting the art of delivering precise results that match that search intent.

So great on-page SEO will help both Google bots and human customers:

  • Recognise that your web-page is really relevant to their search query (through use of keywords, keyword sets and keyword phrases).
  • Quickly recognise the main topic of a webpage.
  • Realise that the page deserves to rank highly on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

You want SERP results that drive traffic to your website, therefore optimising for onsite SEO is essential.

Offsite SEO benefits

Ever found yourself in a room (or  Zoom) with an SEO consultant who starts ranting excitedly about ‘link juice’ while snapping the elastic on their sock suspenders and pumping their fists frantically?

Those guys are a little quirky, but link juice not actually some weird wheatgrass concoction that powers their late-night website crawls – it’s another term for ‘link equity’, which is the idea that links from high-trust and high-traffic sites pass on value and authority from their sites to yours.

Building these backlinks is the foundation of robust offsite SEO, so an SEO audit will reveal just how juicy yours are – and how to hydrate them if they’re as desiccated as a Danish pastry in a dessert museum.

With a good blogger outreach strategy, robust offsite SEO will help your site climb those SERP rankings and put it at the fingertips of high-intent customers. What’s not to love?

International SEO

Want to do business across borders and wondering how SEO can help? Despite Google’s near-monopoly, there are a select few territories where it isn’t the most popular search engine. So if you want to maximise your web presence, your on and off-site SEO will have to be tweaked in order to meet discreet ranking signals and algorithms.

You’ll translate the language on your site to suit the market you’re targeting, so it’s important to switch up your SEO too in order to make yourself known to the customers that count as fast as possible.  From adapting your URL structure to using the correct language targeting and publishing high-quality tailored content, International SEO helps you fulfil your global ambitions.

Technical SEO

When you really want to ramp up your SEO performance, an audit for technical SEO focuses all the power and precision of a true search expert on assessing every nook and cranny of your website to ensure that it’s fine tuned and in terrific working order.

This includes:

  • Website structure and architecture.
  • Tests to work out if you’ve suffered because of a Google update.
  • Assessment of internal link structure.
  • Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of content (EAT).
  • Appropriate use of meta titles, meta descriptions and H1 and H2 headers.
  • Page speed.
  • Testing for toxic links.

When all the necessary techy tweaks are made, technical SEO makes your website perform as powerfully as Eddy Hall after eating 25 pails of porridge. Grrr!

Search space analysis

What’s a Search Space Analysis (SSA) when it’s at home?

A long-lost Kraftwerk B-side?

NASA’s annual review of the bits of the universe they’ve still got to explore?

Something a self-driving car does in a multi-storey carpark after reversing into a pillar?

Nope. None of the above. The almost unimaginable truth is that it’s better than all of these things combined…and then some.

A search space analysis is no less than a blueprint for SEO success which forensically analyses the search spaces (or internet real estate) you want to park your website most prominently in. Then it establishes everything you need to do in order to squeeze your competitors out of the way and establish a web presence that’s as powerful, impenetrable and permanent as Superman’s over-trouser underpants.

If you want to be the first name high-intent customers encounter when searching the web for products and services in your niche, an SSA has all the wholesome granular detail you need, chapter and verse.

If a technical SEO audit is a Bugatti Veyron, an SSA is Marty McFly’s DeLorean from Back to the Future – launching your web presence into entirely new dimensions.

Voila – several solid reasons that an SEO audit is the NY resolution you should stick to.

The only remaining question is: what are you waiting for?

Author: Stephen Harvey-Franklin Steve Harvey-Franklin

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